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You can wish your People Thrust’s family a happy birthday by using the chat or writing them an email:

Agustín Rodríguez
Agustín Rodríguez
José Iván Ramos
José Iván Ramos
Jesús Flores
Jesús Flores


Stefany Santos is officially Google Cloud Certified as an Associate Cloud Engineer.
We appreciate your time and effort to make this happen. Way to go Stefany!
Stefany Santos
Stefany Santos


Time goes by fast when you are having a good time 🙂 Congratulations to the following collaborator on their 1st year anniversary with People Thrust:

Natalia Cebollero –  November 1st, 2019 (1 year)

Natalia Cebollero

Welcome New Family Members

Take a moment to say “Hi!”

“Happy Hour is the Best Hour”

Mark your calendar! Our last virtual happy hour was a success and people want more. For that reason, you will receive an extra $10 USD (~$22 MXN) in your next paycheck (between November 1st-10th.)  We would like for you to use this money to buy yourself a drink, meal, snack of your choice, or even props, so you can share it with us at the next virtual happy hour. Pets and children are welcome to join in too…the more the merrier!

If you missed the last one, here’s your chance to join us and learn a bit more about other team members.  Our next happy hour is on Friday, November 20th

We look forward to virtually hanging out with you! Expect an invitation from Natalia with more details.  

Share away!

Take a look at this cybersecurity awareness and red flags!

Do you want to share some funny, interesting content or something that other collaborators might find useful? Email Natalia for more details of how you can share something and be featured in the next newsletter. 

“Gotitas del Saber”

The pandemic and COVID-19, along with other things going on in our lives such as work, family, or other factors are affecting our mental health, we need some anxiety coping techniques to help us get through the days. 

Here are some practical ways that you can keep feelings of anxiety at bay, if you are starting to feel overwhelmed.  These tips are provided by Innsightful. What other techniques do you recommend?

Job Opportunities:

To see a list of current and active job openings, check out our website. Don’t forget you can refer someone!

As of November 3rd, 2020, these were the open positions listed: 

  • 1249 Tech Support Agent 
  • 1248 Incident Manager 
  • 1246 Sr. Information Security Engineer 
  • 1245 Data visualization and reporting Analyst 
  • 1244 Grails Software Engineer with ReactJS 
  • 1242 Software Development Project Manager 
  • 1241 Fullstack Javascript (ReactJs / NodeJs) Developer 
  • 1240 Enterprise Applications Software Engineer 
  • 1238 Backend Python Developer 
  • 1237 Manual QA tester 
  • 1231 WordPress Developer
  • 1228 Email Security Engineer

Órale Award:

What is the Órale Award and why People Thrust does it?

At People Thrust we like to practice gratitude and recognition. This award is given to People Thrust’s collaborators when they have done something that goes above and beyond while representing People Thrust among peers, clients, and others. We recognize people that have represented our mission, vision, and/or core values one way or another. As a company, we are grateful to have such individuals in our team. Want to learn more?

Do you have someone you would like to nominate?  If so, you can nominate them here!

Spotlight of the Month:

People Thrust values the talent of our collaborators.  We believe in continually developing and growing as individuals and professionals.  What better way to promote our talented and amazing collaborators, than to feature someone new every month!  This will give you the opportunity to learn about them, connect in ways you maybe didn’t know you shared similarities, and build relationships within our team beyond just our jobs!  Since we like “catchy” names, we decided to call this spotlight MEM – Man Empowerment Monday and WEW – Women Empowerment Wednesday.  Basically, every month, our Director of Culture will interview one man or woman within People Thrust and share their story in our newsletter. 

This month we are featuring Jorge Olvera as our MEM for the month of November!

Name of Collaborator:

Jorge Olvera


“My position is G Suite and Help Desk Administrator for NicheAim, People Thrust and I can assist anyone that needs my help.”

What client(s) are you working for (if applicable)?

“My main clients are NicheAim and People Thrust.”

How long have you been working with People Thrust?

“I started working with People Thrust on January 27, 2020.”

If you could be a car, what car would you be and why?

 “I would be a Mercedes-Benz because it is a luxury car that lasts long and has great technology, style, and comfort.”

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? (hobbies)

“I used to go to the movies and watch shows. I like listening to different types of music depending on my mood such as alternative rock, jazz, or instrumental music such as piano. I enjoy reading books about personal development and spirituality.”

What is a tradition you have and why?

 “I grew up getting together with my family (4 siblings) on Christmas day.”

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who it would be, and why?

“The first thing that comes to mind is having dinner with my four grandparents. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to meet them and I would like to get to know them.”

What motivates you to wake up every day?

“What motivates me, is the impact that I can have with the people that surround me. I like to get to know people and give the best version of myself to them.”

What is a moment in your career and life you’re most proud of?

 “Back in 2016 I took a “big leap of faith” and decided to leave a company that I have been working for 4 years because I had to set a boundary and realize the value I brought, so I started something on my own.”

What do you do when you are feeling deflated?

“When I feel deflated in my personal life, the first thing I do is have open communication with my wife because she is a great support to me. I also do an introspection of why certain things bother me, and that improves my thought process and see things moving forward with more of a logical and objective mindset.”

What do you do to give back or pay it forward? Think about social impact. If you don’t currently do something, what is something you would like to do in the future?

“In the past, I used to serve food for people at waiting rooms in hospitals, I volunteered at nursing homes (old people’s homes). Moving forward I would try to help people by enabling them or showing them that it is possible to change their mindset and empower them to believe in themselves.”

Fun fact about you? Share something that nobody would guess about you.

“Even Though people see me and see how skinny I am, I used to be an overweight child. People would never guess that about me.”

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

“What I enjoy the most about my career is that it brings me the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of people and learn a lot from them as well.”

It’s Fun to Give Back!

In December 2019 our team came together and spent a weekend of service by building a house for the Mendoza Rubio family, a family in need in Ensenada, Mexico. We realized that we can make a sustainable long-lasting impact by sponsoring Angel’s education. Angel is the eldest child whose story and desire to become an engineer inspired us. 

We got an update from Angel. He is still in school, virtual school, as a ninth-grader from Monday to Thursday. Then he works Friday to Sunday earning $230 Pesos a day ($12 USD) to help his family with house expenses. It’s great to see that he is still motivated despite the pandemic and the challenges it brings to students everywhere!

If you wish to know more about Angel’s story check out our webpage.  If you wish to donate email Natalia for more details.


What’s New & Upcoming

Did you know our team has developed all the logistics and technology for COVID-19 testing for the county of Santa Ana in Southern California? Yeah, pretty snazzy, huh!  A few of us went to one of the pop-up testing centers and checked it out. Take a look at it in the pictures below!

“If you guys ever feel stressed, worried, or have a problem with another collaborator or client don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help and make your experience at People Thrust healthy and enjoyable.” 

— Natalia Cebollero

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