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As a team bonding for 2019, People Thrust joined Baja Bound and Baja Educational Initiative, built a house for a family in need in Baja California and is currently sponsoring the oldest son’s education. Our commitment is to be able to have an impact on all of these families that live in extreme poverty and are being affected by COVID-19.

How Baja Bound (BB) and Baja Educational Initiative (BEI) spread hope:

If you are located in California or Arizona,  chances are that you eat the produce picked and packaged by field workers in Baja California for American companies. Baja Bound builds houses for these field workers. The area where Baja Bound builds houses represents hope and a new life for waves of field workers arriving from Southern Mexico and other regions of Latin America. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of adequate lodging and many hard-working families are forced to live in sub-standard dwellings that are unhealthy and unsafe.

If jobs are presented to the field workers, they make a mere $7-$8 USD a day. This in turn forces many of the children to work the fields to assist in supporting the family instead of attending school. The average yearly cost of a public high school in Mexico is $1,035 USD. This is where Baja Educational Initiative comes in to sponsor the children of field workers to cover all the education related costs from elementary school through college.

COVID-19: “Operacion Tierra Firme”

Over 80% of the families in this community have lost their jobs a result of the ripple effect of COVID-19. In the past they were barely making an income to bring food to the table. Imagine now that they don’t have a job? BB & BEI are joining forces to supply the field workers of Baja with essential food, medical equipment, medical personnel, and educational COVID-19 information for rural areas where they have no access to media.

As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.

With your donation Operacion Tierra Firme will be able to have access to 25,000 people in this community. Orphanages, field workers, migrant camps, and feeding programs among others are part of this vulnerable group. The goal is to be able to feed, medically treat, give proper housing, and educate this community. We need your help!.

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