House Build 2021

November 4th - 7th, 2021
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Months in the Making
Hours Contributed
House Built
Family Members
Hearts Touched

Mission Accomplished!

Thanks to your kind donation and the hard work of 33 kind-hearted change makers Raquelita, Severiano, Alexis and Gadiel will have a dry warm house to sleep in and build new memories.

Over the weekend, the team also assisted in an orphanage for kids with disabilities and special needs, we got to have dinner with the family we build a house in 2019, heard from Angel which is the student we are currently sponsoring, helped feed the community at Village of Hope, and assisted with the care of abandoned animals at a local pet shelter.

Thanks for being part of this life changing experience!

About the Event

Passion and Integrity are core values at People Thrust. Social responsibility is at the heart of both of these values, where People Thrust can positively impact people’s lives through the pairing of an individual’s talents, skills, and passion with the needs of others. To deliver on this promise, People Thrust social impact program has partnered with Baja Bound, a nonprofit that has been building homes for the working poor in Ensenada since 1993.

The Impact

We spread love everywhere during this 4-day event! Besides being part of a house built for a family in need; we impacted other parts of the community.

We spent time and helped the staff at Gabriel’s House. This is a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities who have been orphaned, abandoned, or whose families are unable to take care of them.

We got to hear stories about students that are sponsored by Baja Educational Initiative and how being able to go to school has changed their lives.

We spent time at Campo de Esperanza. This community center developed altruistic activities in communities of extreme poverty and focused on the integral development of Mixtec children. With the vision of transforming the community, eradicating hunger and raising educational rates. We spent a morning feeding over 100 children and families.

We spent time at Los Adoptables. This is a transitional Home shelter for Dogs and cats. Los Adoptables vision is to give their animals a happy life. As a group we took dogs for a walk becaused is important for dogs to socialize in order to be adopted and find a forever home. In addition, we helped clean the cages in the shelter. 

Are you inspired yet?

It doesn’t have to end here. We got to know many other causes that could use YOUR help.

You can get involved with the following non profit organizations:

We currently sponsor Angel’s education through Baja Educational Initiative. Angel is the oldest of the family and we built a house in 2019. Two years later, we still kept in contact and got to personally catch up with him.

We realized that we can make a sustainable long lasting impact by sponsoring one of the family members’ education we got the privilege of knowing 2 years ago. DONATE HERE & get to know Angel’s story

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