House Build 2022

November 10-13, 2022

About the Event

Passion and Integrity are core values at People Thrust. Social responsibility is at the heart of both of these values, where People Thrust can positively impact people’s lives through the pairing of an individual’s talents, skills, and passion with the needs of others. To deliver on this promise, People Thrust’s social impact program has partnered with Baja Bound, a nonprofit that has been building homes for the working poor in Ensenada since 1993.

Participants Info:


Clients/US people:

We will be departing from San Diego, CA on Thursday November 10th, late morning (pacific time)  and returning to San Diego, CA Sunday November 13th in the evening.


We will be departing from Tijuana, Baja California on Thursday, November 10th early afternoon (pacific time) and returning to Tijuana, Baja California on Sunday, November 13th in the evening.

To share your experience during the event use the #webuildthrust #morethanIT in any social media posts

You may access the event story on Instagram or Facebook.

Make sure to “select your group” tab, then select People Thrust Home Build | November 10-13, 2022.

Are you inspired to do more? Why not make a contribution!

If you want to contribute to the #webuildthrust and #morethanIT events and activities, we would love your support. You may do so with a donation of $300 USD that will go directly into the impact of this event.CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE DIRECT FUND!

If you are unable to attend this event or want to contribute beyond this event, the families always need bedding and other items once the construction is done. 

To make a contribution follow this link for extras and make sure to write “People Thrust Home Build | November 10-13, 2022.” in the “group/team name”.

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