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Furnishing homes for families transitioning from homelessness.
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Our Director of Social Impact and Culture had the privilege of volunteering with Humble Design and saw the importance of their work. During these uncertain times vulnerable communities like homeless families are in need and People Thrust is committed to help these families that are in a transition period.

How do they spread hope

Humble Design has served over 1450 families nationwide. They partner with local homeless, veterans, and abuse shelters to service families who are in the process of moving into low-income housing, and rebuilding their home lives. These families move into housing without any means for furnishing their space. Humble Design staff meets with the individuals they serve to learn about their preferences, hopes, and dreams.

Spreading hope during COVID-19

During this time they have reached out to local shelters and nonprofits to donate masks, kitchen supplies, books, toys, games towels, sheets, blankets, cleaning supplies, and more.

Humble Home Kits

They are shifting their mission during COVID-19 to donate Humble Home kits to local shelters and homeless communities. Humble Design will be creating hundreds of Humble Home Kits to donate to families that are transitioning from a shelter to a home. They will be creating Humble Kids Kit ($50), Humble Decor Kit ($75), Humble Bathroom Kits ($100), Humble Kitchen Kits ($150), Humble Bedroom Kits ($250), Humble Living Room Kits ($500), and Humble Home Curbside Kit ($1,500-$2,500).

If you want to make a difference in a homeless family’s life here is your chance

With your donation, Humble Design will be able to create Humble Home Kits and be able to spread hope and reach more families in San Diego homeless communities and shelters.

Are you interested in Humble Design & what they do?

See how they spread help in homeless communities:

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