MEM: Jonatan Guzman


Name of Collaborator:

 “Jonatan Guzman”


“Sr. Software QA”

What client(s) are you working for (if applicable)?

“I work with a few clients and here are some: Niche Aim, Zane Net, PGC, CCM, and Patient Holistics among others.”

How long have you been working with People Thrust?

 “I have been with People Thrust since April 2022.”

If you could be a car, what car would you be and why?

“I would be a Mercedes-Benz because it is a classic car with innovative technology. The technology is so good that other car companies try to resemble it.”

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? (hobbies)

“I like to spend quality time with my parents and siblings. Being from Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, we like to plan activities where we get to explore different parts of the country. In my alone time, I like to go on road trips, swim, and play video games. But the most important thing is that I love to study and research, I’m actually in the process of studying clinical psychology and systems engineering.”

What is a tradition you have and why?

“In my family, we make a big deal about our birthdays. For example, I have a brother that is a doctor and in the past, we have “brought the party” with cake, etc, to the hospital no matter what time he is making his round. It is non-negotiable we always celebrate each other’s birthday no matter where we are.”

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who it would be, and why?

“I would like to have dinner with both Plato (philosopher) and Albert Einstein (theoretical physicist) at the same time and see the discussion they can potentially have from their different point of view. ”

What motivates you to wake up every day?

Knowledge is power and by that I mean that is addicting to know, to study, to research more and more. I love studying psychology, and quantum physics, among other things.”

What is a moment in your career and life you’re most proud of?

“On a personal level, I’m proud that I don’t depend on my parents. And I don’t mean financially, I mean that they can trust that I’m okay and I’m a person that is capable of having the emotional intelligence to make decisions. When I was young I struggle with mental health so accomplishing this was a big deal for me and my family. On a professional level, my biggest accomplishment was that when things were difficult at once on this job and I wanted to quit, Juan Llera didn’t give up on me and literally wouldn’t let me quit. He made me feel seen, I felt like I was talking to a friend rather than a boss. That made me care for the company even more and provide the best service to our clients.”

What do you do when you are feeling deflated?

“I look for my siblings. It’s like they have a radar, they can identify when I’m in a dark hole without me telling them. They search for me in that dark hole and make me get back up to the surface. They are my support system. ”

What do you do to give back or pay it forward?

“Once a month a group of veterinary friends and I pick a local orphanage (Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana) where we do clinics for local animals. For example, we give dogs baths, and clean their teeth, among other services. With the money that we collect and fundraise from that, we use that money to buy resources like groceries for the orphanage.”

Fun fact about you? Share something that nobody would guess about you.

“For some reason hahaha… I give the impression that I’m a “player” when the reality is that I’m painfully shy with the ladies, to be honest, my first kiss was at 21, and people thought it was way younger and don’t believe me. hahaha”

“Tell us about a local tradition in the city or town you live? Think about food, event, religion, etc.” - Paulina Collazo

 “In Santo Domingo, we celebrate Las Fiestas Patronales (Patron Saint Festivities). It’s a huge party in the town that starts with a parade where you listen to folk music and instruments, the celebration of God, the celebration of Taino Indians, and celebrations of the different towns of Republica Dominicana. It’s a celebration of culture and heritage and at the end of the parade, there is a mini “Ms. Universe” competition where the most beautiful woman is selected. ”

What question do you have for the next MEM/WEW?

“What thing from another country would you like to see become a tradition in your country?”

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