WEW: Regina Reguenga


Name of Collaborator:

“Regina Reguenga”


“Financial Specialist”

What client(s) are you working for (if applicable)?

 “People Thrust.”

How long have you been working with People Thrust?

“December 2020.”

If you could be a car, what car would you be and why?

 I would choose the Mazda MX5 Miata. The first time I saw it, I noticed a “face” in the front part of the car that looked adorable!

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? (hobbies)

 “When I’m not working, I enjoy playing video games and watching movies, both mainstream and independent. I also love to read manga, comics and appreciate art. One of my biggest passions is creating visual art using analog and digital techinques.”

What is a tradition you have and why?

“My grandmother comes from a small town called Tianguistengo in Hidalgo, Mexico. I love the tradition they have of celebrating the Day of the Dead. The celebration starts at the town center (Town Pantheon) and then proceeds to every person’s house in the community. Each person leaves their house door open, which symbolizes that the spirits of the dead can enter the house of their loved ones. Of course, you can’t miss the food in this type of celebration, so we also have a feast and put food on each dead person’s altar.”

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who it would be, and why?

“Primarily, I would have dinner with my mom. Additionally, I would like to have a tea party with Robert Anton Wilson, who is a brilliant author and teaches difficult concepts through comedy. I would also invite P.L. Travers to the tea party, who is known for writing Mary Poppins among other books. I appreciate Travers’ ability to explain through her writing that our childhood and adulthood are social constructs and that there shouldn’t be a division between them. We should never stop growing up and having fun.”

What motivates you to wake up every day?

“What motivates me to wake up every day is my loved ones and pets. They have helped me through the hard times, and I am grateful for them. I am also motivated by my desire to create a piece of art that I am 100% content with. This goal inspires me to keep working and improving every day.”

What is a moment in your career and life you’re most proud of?

I used to work at Intel and once, while assisting someone over the phone, I realized that the call was taking longer than usual. So, I started asking questions to see how I could help him. During our conversation, I found out that the person had cerebral palsy and was a developer who designed programs for people with disabilities. He even worked with the speech synthesizer for Stephen Hawking. Later, I received a call from my supervisor and was informed that the person was extremely happy with my customer service. This made me feel very good about myself. I am proud of how far I have come in my mental health journey. I used to feel like there was no way out or improvement, but little by little, I have realized that my health has improved thanks to my consistency and trying different approaches such as therapy and breathing techniques, among others.”

What do you do when you are feeling deflated?

“I tend to try different things until I find something that works for me. Some of the things I like to do are screaming (in a safe environment, of course), dancing, singing, cooking, meditating, taking a cold shower, hugging a stuffed animal, and listening to a podcast or a YouTube video, among other things.”

What do you currently do to contribute to society or help others? This can include any social impact activity you engage in. If you are not currently involved in any such activity, what is something that you would like to do in the future?

“For instance, my family and I are passionate about animal rescue and we often volunteer at foster shelters. Another cause that’s close to my heart is homelessness. Whenever I get a chance, I try to help homeless families by buying them a meal or groceries.”

Fun fact about you? Share something that nobody would guess about you.

“Well, here’s mine – I can throat sing particularly for metal songs. It took me many years of practice and lots of yogurt consumption to avoid hurting my throat. Yogurt has been very helpful in this regard.”

Question from the previous MEM/WEW/TET? “Is there a gift that you give yourself frequently? If not, what is something you would like to implement? (Think about self-care and emotional/physical/mental/spiritual health).”

“I want to share that I practice gratitude. Initially, I thought it was pointless, but when I started practicing it frequently, it changed me. Being grateful has transformed my perspective about the things in my life.”

What question do you have for the next MEM/WEW/TET:

“What job would you have if you would choose the career you wanted at 7 year old?”

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