March 2024 Newsletter



You can wish your People Thrust’s family a happy birthday by using chat or writing them an email:
Julian Ospina

Julian Ospina: March 15

Alfredo Flores

Alfredo Flores: March 27



Time goes by fast when you are having a good time 🙂 Congratulations to the following collaborators on their anniversary with People Thrust:

“Happy Hour is the Best Hour”

Mark your calendar! Our last virtual happy hour was a success and people want more. If you missed the last one, here’s your chance to join us and learn a bit more about other team members. 

 Our next happy hour is on Friday, March 8, 2024!

We look forward to virtually hanging out with you! Expect an invitation from Natalia with more details.

Share away!

Check out TED talks to be a better you in 2024 here! 

Embark on a journey of personal growth with this selection of TED Talks. These talks offer innovative strategies for parenting, mental health support, fostering self-confidence, and sustainable habits. They provide practical advice and fresh perspectives to help you transform yourself in the year ahead.

Do you want to share some funny, interesting content or something that other collaborators might find useful? Email Natalia for more details of how you can share something and be featured in the next newsletter.

Job Opportunities:

To see a list of current and active job openings, check out our website. Don’t forget you can refer someone and be compensated!

As of March 1, 2024, these were the open positions listed:

  • Major Incident Manager

IMPORTANT: If you refer a friend who is not already in process with People Thrust, has not been referred by someone else and he/she is hired within 90 days of referral, you are eligible for a $200 USD referral bonus after he/she has been with the company for 3 months.

Congratulations, Hector Beltran! We would like to acknowledge that you have been going above and beyond in helping others, even beyond your responsibilities. You have been generously volunteering your time to teach new collaborators with patience and kindness. Your passion for helping others makes you an exceptional team player, and we feel fortunate to have someone like you on our team.

Your actions exemplify People Thrust’s core values, such as passion and collaboration.

Kudos to you! 😀

What is the Órale Award and why People Thrust does it?

At People Thrust we like to practice gratitude and recognition. This award is given to People Thrust’s collaborators when they have done something that goes above and beyond while representing People Thrust among peers, clients, and others. We recognize people that have represented our mission, vision, and/or core values one way or another. As a company, we are grateful to have such individuals in our team. Want to learn more?

Do you have someone you would like to nominate?  If so, you can nominate them here!

Women Empowerment Wednesday: Regina Reguenga

At People Thrust, we highly value the talent of our collaborators. We believe in continuous development and growth as individuals and professionals. To showcase the amazing abilities of our collaborators, we have decided to feature someone new every month. This will help you learn more about them, connect in ways you maybe didn’t know you shared similarities, and build relationships within our team beyond just our jobs! We have given this spotlight a catchy name, MEM – Man Empowerment Monday, WEW – Women Empowerment Wednesday, and They Empowerment Thursday. Our Culture & Community Relations Coordinator will interview a collaborator within People Thrust and share their story in our newsletter.

Regina Reguenga

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Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.” – Jim Trinka and Les Wallace

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