Pablo D.

Pablo D.

Professional Summary

Passionate about technology, constantly searching for improvement. Experienced and enthusiastic about programming and IoT. Always ready to develop interesting projects, integrating different technologies and teams. Likes to teach and learn every day. More than 20 years of experience. Team Lead and active developer of different kinds of solutions for important companies Python developer, working with frameworks, API and databases every day. 

Problem solver . Forward-thinking.

Skills, Tools & Frameworks

Operating Systems: Windows workstation, Windows server. Linux workstation, Linux Server (several distributions) 

Programming Languages: Python, javascript, C, Visual Basic, COBOL, Basic, Smalltalk, Progress ABL 

System Architectures: Monolithic, Client server, Clean, Hexagonal, Rest, microservices Libraries & Frameworks: Django, Flask, FastApi, Django_Rest, Psycopg2, sql alchemy, Request, kivy, pika, Genexus, pytest 

Analytics & Reporting Tools: JasperReports 

Databases: PostgreSQL, MYSQL, MSSQL, SQLite3, Progress OpenEdge 

DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins 

Methodologies: TDD, Pair Programming, Scrum, 

Version Management: Git 

Quality Assurance: CI/CD. Automatic testing (Selenium, etc) 

Packaged Software & Tools: pyinstaler , conda 

Lead/Management Skills: Good communication skills. Proactive. Problem solver. Persuasive and respectful communication

Position (Role)

Senior Software Developer

Professional Experience

People Thrust / NicheAim 2022 – Present Contractor 

  • At NicheAim, I worked on creating microservices for healthcare solutions. 
  • Python and Go were used in the development process. 
  • Frameworks include Django, Flask, Gin Gonic, and the Django Rest Framework, among others. I use Google Cloud Platform, plus Git, Docker, and Kubernetes, in my daily work. 


Freelance/Contractor 2009 – 2022 Senior Software Developer and IT Specialist 

Developed several products and led diverse projects for multiple companies. Web, mobile, API, Back End development using Python, Django, Flask, Javascript, Rest Progress OpenEdge. Different databases like MYQSL, PostgreSQL, and so on. A lot of different and interesting technologies. Knowledge of Git, Docker and Kubernetes 


Software Solutions 1998 – 2022 Chief Technology Officer 

  • Founding partner of Software Solutions, a company specializing in technology products and services for Agro-Industry and Commerce. 
  • Development of Retail and Trading Systems. 
  • Development systems for packaging, industry, logistics, harvesting, and agricultural tasks for fruit and vegetable companies, complying with traceability standards for fresh products. Develop attractive appliances using Raspberry, Arduino, and programmed in python. End-to-end trading system development for an international company using Genexus and Python.
  • Strategic design, development, and implementation of technological solutions using: Python – Django – Flask – microservices – Rest – JavaScript – PostgreSQL – Genexus Progress OpenEdge
  • Mobile: Android. 
  • Integration with SAP through Web Services using Python. 
  • Integrating different data capture hardware, such as scales, bar code readers, and RFID technologies. 


Freelance/Contractor 2002 – 2022 Software Consultant 

Consultant and leader for important companies. Help company’s teams to develop Web, Backend, mobile, API, and IoT projects using more accurate technologies. Use of the most appropriate methodology in each situation: agile, traditional. Several in-house courses and training. 


IP Soluciones 2009 – 2022 Co-founder 

  • Founding partner of IP Soluciones, a telecommunications services and solutions for Small and Medium Size Company. 
  • Customized technological strategic direction, providing wireless internet links in different geographical locations. WiFi, Lora, and the best solution each.

Professional Training

  • Python training as a teacher. SA San Miguel AGICIyFI – 2015
  • Python training as a teacher.Caja Popular de Tucumán – 2016 
  • Smalltalk training Universidad Tecnológica Nacional as a teacher – 2018 
  • Several Progress OpenEdge training as teacher Caja Popular de Ahorros de Tucumán


Electrical Engineer

Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. Argentina, 1994.

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