Luis U.

Professional Summary

Software engineer specialized in Flutter (frontend). As a Software Engineer, I am proficient in  the full development lifecycle, including planning, implementation and deployment. Strongly  focused on delivering quality, maintainable code using clean architectures, DDD, BloC patter,  other design patterns and OOP. I pride myself on my ability to learn everything about the projects I work on and provide innovative solutions, and this has allowed me to build apps that  have reached 5000+ of users. 

Project management, Strong decision maker, Problem solver, Analytic, Proactive.



Firebase Firestore


Firebase Remoteconfig

Firebase messaging

Firebase Cloud Functions

Firebase app tester

Android / iOs

Development languages and Technologies:

Flutter, Dart, Golang, Firebase, Javascript, Typescript, PHP

Professional Experience


Flutter Developer with Golang and Firebase  experience

Professional Experience

Flutter developer with Firebase – NicheAim Technologies, Remote: 06-2022 to 02- 2024

Activities & Accomplishments: 

  • Created from scratch, including high and low-level design; backend services (Golang) and  team leading an app to register users check ins and check-outs from places; and register when  positive cases of any disease is reported in order to notify all other users who have visited that  place at the same moment; and an app for fetching and managing users patient records from  different third-party sources. 

Flutter developer – Inflextion Studios, Remote: 01-2022 to 05-2022 

Activities & Accomplishments: 

  • Cooperate with planning of Blockchain Click-to-earn game. 
  • Create Click-to-earn mobile version from scratch, including TestFlight deployment 

Flutter developer – SimTLix LLC (Working with Supervielle bank), Remote: 07- 2021 to 12-2021 

Activities & Accomplishments: 

  • Cooperate with improvement of current bank app version. 
  • Fix code scalability troubles 
  • Participate in complete re-design and code refactor of current bank app authentication (sign  up, sign in and user validation), and home page. 

Flutter developer – SmartDream SL, Remote: 07/2020 to 07/2021 

Activities & Accomplishments: 

  • Create and plan mobile applications from scratch, including CI/CD deployment through Codemagic, working with Firebase as database. 
  • Created apps such as: online psychological therapy app, Tinder-like job-finding app, pregnant women help app. Collaborated in: boat-leasing app, and employees scheduling app. 

Flutter developer (Freelance): 03/2019 to 07/2020



Informatics Engineer – UPT Juana Ramírez. Altagracia de Orituco. 2014-2018.

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