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Ricardo R.

Professional Summary

Front end developer with about 6 years of experience developing and designing websites and applications, very passionate about working with JavaScript. Experience using backend technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Node.Js, Express, mongoDB, SQL, APis/JSON among others, but specializing in the frontend with over 4 years using React.js, Redux, ES5, ECMAScript 6. Excellent fluent conversational English skills




ES6 (EcmaScript 6)






Professional Experience

Position (role)

Fullstack JS Developer

Accomplishments & Activities

UX/UI design ,Rewrite last implementation using newer and more performant technologies, Implement new features, Implement unit tests, Performance was increased by adding a virtualization strategy to manage huge amounts of data.

Tools & Frameworks

Operating Systems: Windows, OSX, Linux

Programming Languages: JavaScript, Ruby

System Architectures: MVC Libraries & Frameworks: React, Mobx, Redux, TypeScript, Webpack, Apollo/Graphql

Analytics & Reporting Tools: Google Analytics

Databases: Mongo, SQL

Methodologies: Scrum

Version Management: Git

Quality Assurance: Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library

Packaged Software & Tools: Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite

Other: Sketch

Education, Training & Certifications

Graphic Design Bachelor Degree, 2015

Front End Developer, Free Code Camp, 2016-current

Web Developer Track, Team Treehouse, 2017

Full Stack Development, Desafio Latam (Bootcamp), 2016

React Fundamentals Tyler Mcginnis (online), 2016

Modern React with Redux Udemy (online), 2016

Advanced React and Redux Udemy (online)

The Web Developer Bootcamp Udemy (online), 2016

Modern JavasCript Tyler Mcginnis (online), 2018

Redux Tyler Mcginnis (online), 2018