MAY 2020
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Women from People Thrust
You can wish your People Thrust’s family a happy birthday by using the chat or writing them an email.
Aura Torres: May 2
Antonio Isas: May 7
Fabio Ramirez: May 17
Fernando Renteria: May 19
Vicente Noriega: May 21
Oscar Mendoza: May 27
Welcome New Family Members
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Jorge Olvera
Gerzo Noriega
Javier Vazquez
Alejandro Vargas
Stefany Santos
Jesus Celaya
Happy Hour is the best hour
Do you want to connect with your peers beyond work? Here is your chance to join us for happy hour. We look forward to virtually hanging out with you! Email Natalia for more details.
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Are you feeling burned out? “You may be spending too much time ruminating about your job”, according to psychologist Guy Winch. Learn how to stop worrying about tomorrow's tasks or stewing over office tensions with three simple techniques aimed at helping you truly relax and recharge after work. TED talk: how to turn off work thoughts during your free time.

Take Care of Your Physical Health
We care about you! We all know our physical, mental and emotional health are connected. That means we need to take care of our body, mind and soul to be the best version of ourselves at work and at home.

Join us for a virtual YOGA CLASS THURSDAY MAY 21st, 2020! If you are interested, please email Natalia for more details.
“In the meantime here are some stretches that would make you feel better after sitting for long periods of time.” - Meagan Hurst, 300 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT).
To see a list of current and active job openings, checkout our website. Don’t forget you can refer someone!

As of May 08, 2020, these were the open positions listed:

Information Security Engineer: Read more

Microsoft Dynamics GP functional Technician: Read more

IT Compliance Analyst: Read more
People Thrust officially started their Recognition Program in March when Fabio Ramirez earned the first Órale Award. His willingness to immediately assist in a project and apply his skills, as well as his determination, helped resolve the issue and assisted in bringing value to a customer that wasn’t his primary client.
What is the Órale Award and why People Thrust does it?
At People Thrust we like to practice gratitude and recognition. This award is given to People Thrust’s collaborators when they have done something that goes above and beyond while representing People Thrust among peers, clients, and others. We recognize people that have represented our mission, vision, and/or core values one way or another. As a company, we are grateful to have such individuals in our team. Want to learn more? Go here for FAQs Do you have someone you would like to nominate? Nominate them here!
People Thrust values the talent of our collaborators. We believe in continually developing and growing as individuals and professionals. What better way to promote our talented and amazing collaborators, than to feature someone new every month! This will give you the opportunity to learn about them, connect in ways you maybe didn’t know you shared similarities, and build relationships within our team beyond just our jobs! Since we like “catchy” names, we decided to call this spotlight MEM - Man Empowerment Monday and WEW - Women Empowerment Wednesday. Basically, every month, our Director of Culture will interview one man or woman within People Thrust and share their story in our newsletter.
It’s Fun to Give Back!
Did you know that People Thrust has a Social Impact Program? Well, we do because we care! Passion and Integrity are core values at People Thrust, and social responsibility is at the heart of both of these values. People Thrust exemplifies these values by positively impacting people’s lives through the pairing of an individual's talents, skills, and passion with the needs of others. To deliver on this promise, the People Thrust team developed a Social Impact Program that will strengthen our leadership and impact. Click here to find out more information!

People Thrust believes in the power of giving back. Last December we had a house build weekend as a team bonding experience. Click here to see how much fun we had while giving back!
What’s New & Upcoming
We are working to create and launch our Intranet Page. It will be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know and learn about People Thrust. We will provide more details once it is is so exciting, we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

We have a cool website and we’re constantly updating it, check it out here! Make sure you navigate through all the various pages... lots of good information and pictures!

We will be launching a campaign to help non profit organizations with COVID-19... STAY TUNED! If you know ways we can support you or the communities around you email:
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