MEM: Eduardo Rodriguez


Name of Collaborator:

Eduardo Nahuel Rodriguez”


“Jr. Java Developer”

What client(s) are you working for (if applicable)?

“Niche Aim”

How long have you been working with People Thrust?

“Since February 2023.”

If you could be a car, what car would you be and why?

“I would be a small SUV because those are cars that have space and can potentially adapt to any environment.”

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? (hobbies)

“I like to play on my computer and spend quality time with my girlfriend. I love going to the farm and observe all the animals such as the cows and ride horses.”

What is a tradition you have and why?

“I like to spend every monthly anniversary with my girlfriend.”

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who it would be, and why?

“I would have dinner with my grandma from my mother’s side, she passed away back in 2014, and would love to have a chance to talk with her and ask her some questions I have.”

What motivates you to wake up every day?

 “I am a person that likes to grow in every aspect every day. There is a popular saying “Don’t do tomorrow what you can achieve today” I don’t like uncertainty, I like to plan and organize that way I can be prepared for any change and adapt accordingly. Another saying I like to live by is “Powerful minds, require a prepared body.”

What is a moment in your career and life you’re most proud of?

“In my personal life, I am proud to grow and become a better human being every day. When I was a teenager I won a chess national tournament in Argentina. Career-wise, you wouldn’t believe that I was a history professor and later changed careers to become a developer. Becoming a developer has been a journey. I have always loved working with computers and fixing them and that is what woke up my interest in studying and becoming a developer. Everything I have learned is out of curiosity and self-taught.”

What do you do when you are feeling deflated?

“In both my personal and professional life I stop and analyze what is happening when I feel deflated. At the end of the day, thing has a beginning and an end so what I do is take a big breath and let it go. Something else I do is that I physically leave the space where I am, and go somewhere I can find peace while drinking my mate.”

What do you do to give back or pay it forward? Think about social impact. If you don’t currently do something, what is something you would like to do in the future?

“I like to donate to causes that are dear to my heart. In a perfect world, kids should have food and shelter. They should have their basic needs met so they can do bigger things like getting an education etc.”

Fun fact about you? Share something that nobody would guess about you.

“I love classic cars. In fact, I  bought myself one (Fiat 600 from 1974), and fixing it has been my latest project.”

Question from the previous TET? “What food reminds you of your childhood?”

 “I love my grandma’s foratti noodles with sauce and meat.”

What question do you have for the next MEM/WEW/TET?

“If you could see yourself as a teenager, what would you tell him/she/they?”

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